Welcome to the One World Nurseries

I have been a working mother and I appreciate the difficulties of reconciling parenthood with a working life.

One World Nursery is a family owned business started by Cheryl Jones in 1991. One World Nurseries is our response to parents who need a secure, reliable and stable environment for their children while they combine a family with a career.

Many people find it hard at first to leave their child in the care of others, but I feel the opportunities provided in a caring and loving nursery will soon dispel these fears, leaving parents able to relax and enjoy their work. One World aims not only to provide quality day care but also to give the children quality nursery education.

You are very welcome to visit us by booking an appointment on 02079240505 or 02087613308. We look forward to giving you and your child the support you deserve and need when combining work and parenting.

Mission Statement

This nursery aims to help children become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society. Children will learn through their play with a balance of free choice and adult led experiences.

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The curriculum will be responsive to the needs and abilities of each and every child, and will be provided for them in a safe, caring environment, in partnership with their parents and their community.

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Healthy Meals

The Nursery provides fresh healthy meals throughout the day. Fresh fruit and healthy snacks will be provided as well as fresh water, pure juice or milk.

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Building confidence and self esteem

Aug 2013

Building confidence and self esteem Many childcare experts stress the importance of building self-esteem in children - and, indeed, having it ourselves as parents. Here are some tips to help you boost your own and your child's confidence. Having high self-esteem means: Liking yourself and feeling good about the way you are Realising you're a worthwhile, competent and likeable person Having... [Read more]