Building confidence and self esteem

Building confidence and self esteem
Many childcare experts stress the importance of building self-esteem in children - and, indeed, having it ourselves as parents. Here are some tips to help you boost your own and your child's confidence.
Having high self-esteem means:

Liking yourself and feeling good about the way you are

Realising you're a worthwhile, competent and likeable person

Having the confidence to try new challenges

feeling you can achieve the things you set out to do not being afraid to keep on trying if you get things wrong or fail occasionally feeling confident and optimistic about the future

Toddlers are still just realising they're separate people. As your toddler grows and develops, he'll begin to learn who he is and will have more understanding about himself. Toddlers slowly build up a sense of self. Gradually, he learns what he looks like and works out the things he can do.

Show love - tell your child, as often as possible, that you love him
Chat - talking together gives the message that you enjoy your child's company
Listen - show your child you find him interesting and worth listening to
Play - join in your toddler's games, or if you have household chores to do, ask him to help, to show your child you enjoy spending time with him
Praise - not just for succeeding but for efforts and attempts too

This story is taken from The BBC