Mission Statement

F amily orientated and friendly - in a
L oving, learning environment - in which
Y oung minds reach their potential - where children are encouraged to be
I maginative and independent - and where they are
N urtured - and
G enuinely loved

Activities are:

S timulating - with staff being sensitive to the children's needs
T raining - is given to staff to enable them to help each child's development
A cademic - standards are high and there are
R egular - opportunities to speak to staff. Reliable and quality day care results in
T rust and total commitment for all our families.

"One World Day nurseries will be recognised as parents' first choice nursery in our local area run by dedicated qualified staff. Providing a safe, fun, stimulating environment for the individual child and held in self esteem by families and Ofsted"

Our Nursery Vision